Terrible Service Recently

I live in the 43065 zip code and had pretty good service when I move in 3 years ago.  Verizon recently "upgraded" the service in the city limits of my town, I live just outside of the city.  Since this so called upgrade my service has been awful.  I truly cannot make a call any more within my home.  My calls now break up and I hear every other word in the conversation.  I have to continue to walk in my home until I find an area with service.  I am ready to try Spectrum if this cannot be fixed.

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Customer Service Rep

As someone who also relies on their cellphone as their main communication device at home, I definitely hear you, jp759900. While I understand that your service was working inside your home previous, there are a number of factors outside our control that can impact the signal indoors, even when it was previously working. It is because of this reason that we don't guarantee coverage indoors. The great news is that we offer some solutions to help improve your coverage inside. The easiest fix is to use Wi-Fi calling at home. Here's how to get that set up: https://www.verizon.com/support/wifi-calling-faqs/#on-off


Please let me know if this helps to improve your coverage at home.