Terrible Service in South Charlotte

My neighborhood is in 28270 and the service has severely degraded in the past couple of months.  Service inside homes used to be decent, bordering on good but now it is terrible.  All calls and anything else require us to go outside and even then the service is spotty.  It has come down to putting a chair in one specific part of our backyard where service is OK and not moving.

This is unacceptable.  What changed?  We'd like to get rid of our landline, but this service is so unreliable we cannot.

Perhaps another carrier has better coverage here...?

Re: Terrible Service in South Charlotte
Customer Service Rep

Hello, being on top of your service is vital, especially if you are having issues. What recent changes have you made? What exactly happens when you try to make a call/send a text/or us data in the trouble area? Who else is experiencing this problem?