Terrible and Inconsiderate Service at Verizon Store
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We are very upset at the treatment my family received at a Verizon Wireless Store in Queen Creek. 

Store I am referring to... 1749 W Hunt Hwy Ste 107, San Tan Valley, AZ 85143

I will let my Google Review sum up the issues. Here it is....

"Service takes a back seat at this Verizon outlet.

My two daughters went here to get nagging issues fixed. Neither one came out with a solution and were treated rudely. My older daughter just wanted them to fix her phone's physical screen protector and was certain it was a lifetime warranty. She was told at this store that if anything ever goes wrong with it, just come back in and we will replace it. Now this time, after being told that it was only for 2 years, my older daughter was certain it was lifetime and she has a didactic memory when it comes to warranties, and mentioned what she was told. One of the NICE people there was ok with it and was about to fix the issue when Katie came along and said rudely, "No! We are not doing that!". And that was it.

My younger daughter just wanted to know where her physical screen protector was after paying for it and expecting it delivered in 3-5 days, which was 2 weeks ago. She just wanted a refund or at least some info on what the delay was, but along came Katie and said "No! We are not doing that. You want a refund, you have to go to the corp store you bought it from."

I think it is just time, after 19 years of patronage, to move on to a service that cares a bit more about their customers. I already found one but I just hate change. All I needed was a rude and inconsiderate Verizon employee (Katie) to remind me that we are not welcome in their client base.  There are considerable other issues related to this visit, like waiting to be helped while Katie chatted away with other employees and a customer. 20 minutes of this went on and my wife and our daughters almost left. Think twice, don't shop here. Actually, don't shop Verizon! There are PLENTY of other services out there. Check them out!"

Needless to say I was upset. But that is what upset customers do. Tell the world. And without an email address to report the store, I was more content posting it for other people than to waist my precious time in an unproductive CHAT. My younger daughter found the same screen protector on Amazon and ordered it for $10. We will just have to fight for her refund from Verizon. My older daughter is just out of luck I guess. She got hers from the same place.

Thanks for listening. 

Re: Terrible and Inconsiderate Service at Verizon Store
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hopworks_systems, we truly value your 19 years loyalty and we never want to see you go. Making sure you receive top-notch customer service support at all times is important. We apologize for the experience you have received and would like the opportunity to turn this around for you. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.

Re: Terrible and Inconsiderate Service at Verizon Store
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You went to a Go Wireless. They'll only deal with orders if done by Go Wireless, not Verizon or on vzw.com. It would be the equivalent of trying to get a refund for an in store McDonald's with a Walmart customer service rep. Lifetime warranties also would never be with a store, that stuff would be through the manufacturer and typically requires registering your product.

Tell the world what exactly? That you went to a Go Wireless instead of a Verizon store? The world already knows how awful indirect stores are.