Terrible cell service
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I didn’t always have this problem but for like the last month I have had horrible cell service pretty much everywhere. In multiple towns, different houses, heck, I have to drive to a different part of town to make a call because my phone keeps dropping calls. My texts aren’t sending and I’m not receiving them. People keep telling me my phone goes straight to voicemail but I never receive any calls. When I’m doordashing, half the time I can’t even navigate on my phone because nothing will load. 
My question is, is anyone having this issue? Any idea what’s causing it? Is it even fixable? I work from home, I can’t be dropping calls. My in-laws have AT&T and have service literally everywhere, even the middle of nowhere. Considering switching if I can’t find a fix because I need something reliable for work. 

Re: Terrible cell service
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Do a network reset. If you don't know how, Google network reset + your phone model.