Terrible customer service
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I placed in order last Friday with free 2 day shipping as of yesterday it had not shipped I called customer care and was told the order was still pending even though I had received a confirmation email with confirmation number the woman said they have been having issues with online orders and the only remedy was to cancel the order and resubmit it over the phone so she canceled the order and transferred me to another department to replace the order while on hold with the 2nd department after a half hour I was disconnected called back the same number and was told the department I was just on the phone with was now closed and I could just redo my order online or at a store went back to website tried to place the exact same order and now it's saying I have to pay a $1186 down payment because my device finance limit has been reached when I called customer service again I was told that there was nothing they could do about this even though 6 days prior I was able to complete the upgrade with no down payment needed terrible customer service may be time to switch providers 

Re: Terrible customer service
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry about this experience with your order, andrew3162004. This is not the experience we want for our customers and the last thing we want is to lose you as a customer. We want to help you look into this situation. We sent you a Private Note so we can continue working together.