Terrible experience
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The establishing of my new line was botched from the start. 

I purchased a Motorola Edge+ 2022 on a promotion ($22.23 in bill credits each month) and turned in my LG V60. Unfortunately, when I activated the line, they never activated the monthly bill credits.

I went to the store to fix this, and they ended up just "giving" me a credit for the price of my old phone ($91 "fair market price"). Well... they never applied that either. So I didn't get the bill credits and I didn't get the $91.

What DID I get? Well, this next month they finally applied the monthly credits -AND- charged me $91 to back out the incorrect promotion. Only... I never got a $91 bill credit at all. So I'm paying them $91 to reimburse them for something I never received.

4 calls to customer service and 1 visit to the Verizon store and here I am!

1. Customer service 1 guy said "they bill multiple months sometimes." They don't. He pulled that out of his behind.

2. Second guy dropped the call then never called back. He'd told me to go to the store, since it's unlikely he could help anyhow.

3. Third guy kept repeating "they gave you a $91 bill credit." I asked where, and on which statement. "They gave you a $91 bill credit." 50 minutes of this. He then hung up.

4. Fourth guy dropped the call and did nothing to help and never called back.

5. Guy in the store said they have no authority to fix bills. I have to speak to a supervisor. Customer service phone agents refuse to connect me to a supervisor. They just put me on hold, over-and-over, until the call drops or they (like guy number 3) hang up.

This company blows. Avoid Verizon if you can. They over charge for their services and give very little in return. I'm now trapped for 3 years paying off this phone that'll have no value by the end. It's now being sold for 1/2 the price, not even 3 months later. I'm thinking of just eating the cost and going back to my previous carrier -- I never should have left.

I'm making it my life's mission to convince every family and friend to dump Verizon and go with T-Mobile. For 15 years they gave great customer service.