Terrible service since 2020.
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Before around September 2020 I always had great service all around to include my home. I always had 3-4 bars 4G. I also have a house cell phone box. Last fall my service went to garbage. Now I get from noservice to2 bars. This includes my home box which doesnt move. I went out and bought the signal booster and now I get anywhere from no signal to 3 bars at times. Most of the time it is 1-2 bars. You definitly did something to your signal to cause this as it is isn't just me. Everyone I talk to has the same problem, even in other states. I have been looking at the blogs and what do I see? Same problems all accross the country with no answers or solutions. Time to check out other carriers.

Re: Terrible service since 2020.
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DLeve, we value your loyalty and we never want to see you go. Making sure you have the services you need is vital. Allow us the opportunity to further assit. What services are impacted? May we have your nearest intersection, City, and zip code, so we can accurately pinpoint your location? Also, may we have the Make/Modle of your device?