Text Message Discount Scam
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I received a text message from VZWireless telling me I was eligible for a discount on my next bill. Please update your information to receive this discount http://bill217.com/?=jWJ. The phone number that sent the text is 1-213-212-2602. When I try to call the number, I get the usual "Welcome to Verizon Wireless." But then it follows up with "Your call cannot be completed as the called party is temporarily unavailable."

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Re: Text Message Discount Scam
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Let’s get to the bottom of this text message.  The first step that we would recommend would be to forward this text message to the email SMS.7726.Abuse.Team@one.verizon.com or you can forward the text to 7726 (SPAM).  Here is more information to prevent calls and texts like these:

https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-218765/ (Please review all the additional information and block option links at the bottom of the page as well.)


Re: Text Message Discount Scam
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I also got a discount offer today May 28, 2020.
The call came from is a landline number based in US.

It is operated by Core Communications (Coretel), Inc..

Owner Name : 

Carrier :