Thank you, KANE for great Customer Service!

Hi Verizon!

I would like to give a big SHOUT-OUT to KANE and the amazing customer service/sales support I received from him Christmas Day 2021. All too often CSR reps deal with problems and complaints, rarely are they commended for Great Service!!! I was having trouble adding lines to my account and purchasing a new iPhone 13 and a new iPhone 13 Pro Max to my account.  He made sure I received all the promos I was eligible for!

Kane is not only passionate about what he does, he is the perfect example of, “Verizon Commitment and Values” as he went above and beyond to provide STELLAR service!!  I wish more employees modeled his behavior when working in this field.

This is a job well done!!!  I can 100% say that Verizon is now one of my favorite companies to do business with!! Once again, I truly appreciate what you did for me!! Verizon needed to know what a great asset you are to the company! 

Merry Christmas!! And REMEMBER... ALWAYS Spread Positivity in all you do, and if you're lucky it'll come back to you one day too!  I hope this reaches you Kane and makes your day a little brighter!! I tried to add this to my survey but our chat box timed out before I could add it!

GREAT service does NOT go unnoticed!!