Thank you to Faith at Verizon 800 customer service

I was finally able to speak to a customer service member that cared and knew what she was talking about.  She asked my husband to authorize me to speak with her as this was his account.  This has never been asked of me in 15 years with this company!!  We take turns calling when we have an issue because it gets too frustrating to just do it over and over.  So my billing issue has not been resolved since 5-29-21.  We took turns going to the store and calling customer service and she was the first one to find the elusive charge that was also canceled the day it was applied.  So we paid over $1000 and all this time it is not reflecting in the bill.  So very frustrating.  She opened a payment investigation ticket and now we are actually moving forward.  Verizon, I hope corporate knows what a keeper you have in Faith.  She should be promoted or at the very least get a raise or bonus for her excellent work ethic.  

I did not get a prompt to review my experience with her after we hung up.  It may be better that way so now more people can see it.