Thanks a lot Verizon
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It's the little things you don't or won't do that show what kind of a business you really are.

I find a charge on my bill that is in error, and I know it is in error, so I call (and wait not '12 minutes' but 116 minutes) to ask the charge from my bill be removed.  The person was oh so nice.

The email I receive says 'We will get in touch within 48 hours'.  Well, how about 8 days, no contact.

It's a small thing, but small things add up over time.

Your real colors are showing.  Thanks a lot, Verizon.

Re: Thanks a lot Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Deathgrip, we never want there to be any error on your bill. This is shocking to read that you were not contacted back or were not able to get through to us. We truly apologize. We want to get this error straighted out for you. Can we ask what the error is exactly on your bill? AliciaD_VZW