The Insurance that never was!!!

Ive got questions and would like sone feedback as to how to approach this moving forward.

I purchased an iPhone 8 Plus from a Corp. Store on the 28th of November.  I had gone in wanting to get the X but naturally it was sold out and not available.  I was a little bummed and I was in a tough spot as I needed to get a phone immediately.  I didn’t want to get in a 2 year contract with a phone I didn’t want, etc.  it was around this time that the sale rep said they were expecting more in within a week, I could go ahead and purchase the 8 today and hopefully fall in love end of story OR I had 14 days to return or exchange the device if I was not happy, I would just have to pay a $35 restocking fee.  Again, no biggie, I thought that sounds good, lets roll with that.  I’m getting ready to pay for the phone and set it up and the rep lets me know I have even longer to return due to the holdiay extended hours or dates, and asked if I wanted insurance.  I said of course as my phone I had busted, no insurance, no screen, no phone.  I had done my homework and read around on the website and I asked how much, he said $13 (that’s a story for another day), I said i had no interest in this Tech Coach, I just wanted the insurance in the event the phone was stolen or damaged it was covered.  Minutes later I am walking out of the store with my new iPhone with insurance.  Fast Forward to.....

This past Tuesday the 12th of December.  I had looked online and the X was in stores, I’m going after work to trade up.  8 Plus is great, the same as the 6 & 7 imho, I wanted the X. Well what happens, bam, unbeknowing to me the phone had fallen out of my work truck and I was able to finally retrieve it several hours later in several pieces.  Initial shock, freak out and then calming as i realize I have insurance.  Go to the same store that night to be informant that I need to call or go online to fill out things etc., it was at that point i knew I wasn’t getting the next day replacement service3 as advertised.  I go home fill it out, hit submit, says I’m not covered or eligible.  I think this is an error, I wish.

Next day I go to a different corp store thinking its all the same, its not.  I end up going back to original store, as the insurance co. Recommended.  I described my ordeal, a rep pulls up my account and sees where I have insurance, sees NOTHING that it was taken off and recommends me to call Verizon and they will get it handled.  After I sit on hold for 23 minutes a nice lady gets on the other line, i explain my deal, she thoroughly goes through the account, line by line to the tune of 45 minutes, still at store, its 9 pm they want to go home.  Phone rep says I’m calling the insurance co and we will get to the bottom of this.  Places me on hold another 8 minutes and comes back to say i’m not covered.  At this point I’m upset as I’ve spent. Hours in this store to be told that.  I asked what am i supposed to do and she sad ask to spe3ak to the manager and see what they will do.  I said what do you mean.  Blah, blah, blah

Long story short, what the heck can I do?  Who can I talk to?  I have my docs that shows I have insurance on the device, they pull up nothing saying it was taken off, here I’m stuck with a phone that rings, it does that, little glass pieces everywhere.  This is crazy.  This is a summary, more details can be given if need b

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Did you purchase the device outright or is it financed?

I don't know if this is an option, but it's possible you may dispute the charges with your CC company.

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Have you called Asurion directly?

Check your most recent bill to see if the insurance is on there. If you are paying on your Verizon bill then you are covered by Asurion. I know you said that you went to a corporate location but can you please post the address of the location?

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