The Slowest Data I've ever Had and not even 5G offered like my plan says im paying for
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I'm supposed to have 5G Get more, turns out there are no Verizon 5G towers here, only At&t has 5G here. Even when my bill first restarts the data cap my phone is so slow. I've had it over a year now, its paid off. I've never had any issues with iPhones doing this before from previous carriers. I'll have 5 bars of LTE and the network will fail over and over. I turn it off and turn it back on. I put it in airplane mode to reset the network, turning cellular data off and then back on too trying to troubleshoot. If it ever does load, it's as slow as dial up internet. It's ridiculously slow, I didn't have this issue when I first signed up and didn't have the same data caps there must be now. It's kind of annoying paying for fast internet at the prices they're at just to get the same speed Hughes Net Sattelite service gets. I liked my salesman at the store, he did help with set up but told me to contact verizon to find out why my data is so slow and poorly performing with unlimited. I understand we still have to be charged for 5G even though there are no verizon 5g towers other than 3 major cities in my state, compared to At&T's 100s of towers. 

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I'm sorry that you've been having those connection issues with data. To get a few more details, are you having any issues with texts or calls? Additionally, are you having these issues indoors or outdoors?