The run around from verizon
These so called responses from verizon on here are a joke


 ‎07-25-2022 11:25 AM

So yesterday i wrote this and right away got 2 replies acting like they were going to help me figure out a solution but nope the link they sent me led to a blank page and another reply saying im sending you a private message so we can fix this never happened. Verizon is a joke.  This is my previous message

 On July 11th I ordered 2 new phones and was going to trade my old phones in. It said delivery date would be july 13th.  So i waited n waited and no shipping information was ever sent to me.  So i called and they said my phones were on back order. I waited again and got on the chat and called again both said the same thing  again that it was on back order. So here it is 2 weeks later and still no phones but i did get an email from verizon saying my order was unsuccessful and it was canceled. But then the same day on my verizon app it says 1 of my phones shipped but has a zeropick as the tracking number this was july 21st.  So I've called everyday to find out whats going on and each time i have got a different answer. The 23rd i was told zeropick means that UPS lost my package. So i said cancel everything i don't want any of it. But was told i can't cancel it not until UPS sends the phone/phones back to verizon. So i said how are they going to send them back if they are claiming they lost them? I am so frustrated with this experience. Once this is resolved if ever i think AT&T just got a new costumer because this is unexceptable 



Customer Support
 ‎07-25-2022 11:31 AM

ChampaNova, I'd be frustrated also if in your shoes. You mentioned that you've reached out daily regarding this matter. Were you provided a ticket for the canceled order?-Genesis



 ‎07-25-2022 12:02 PM

No i was never issued a ticket number for the cancelation . One person told me they were going to cancel the order  and place a new order for me . But then said they couldn't because there was already a cancel order in place and only the person who put that 1st cancelation order in can remove the ticket . Its become comical all the different things im hearing. 



Customer Support
 ‎07-25-2022 12:06 PM

We understand how important it is for your order to be taken care of as soon as possible. Can you please meet us back in the Private Note so that we can better assist you with getting this resolved?




 ‎07-25-2022 12:38 PM

Here we go again what does this message even mean?  Meet us back in private note? If you want to help someone call me and fix this dumb issue. This is just another run around by verizon. And still they have not got in contact with me since there last reply

Re: The run around from verizon
Customer Service Rep

ChampaNova, I definitely understand your frustration at this point but rest assured help is here. I see one of our reps did send you a Private Message. Did you receive it and respond to it?