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The worst experience EVER!


My name is Meghan.  I have an issue with my phone and had to contact Verizon.  I have accepted my issue will not be resolved,  however I wanted to inform you about my experience calling for support.  

Let me start off explaining that I work in a call center.  What I experienced would be a termination for any of my employees I work with.  This was the most frustrating experience I have ever had.  I called Verizon 4 times,  the insurance 3 times,  a supervisor who failed to follow up, and the last call resulted in me hanging up when I refused to except one of the agents advice to commit "INSURANCE FRAUD". I still can not believe that I was told to lie. She  was so kind as to tell me the date I needed to lie with. Nit one she could verify, not one I thought, one that would put me in warranty even though I thought it was earlier the phone broke. Especially alarming as Insurance fraud is a crime.  I even reminded the lady I spoke to several times that I would not lie.  I just wanted help. I even offered to upgrade to keep from lying and fix my issue. I would not provide the fake date she told me to say. I am pregnant.  Would Verizon help me if I lied,  got caught  ended up in Jail?  I doubt it,  but she told me too.  Several times.  That was her answer. 

I accept responisblily for not reporting the issue with the phone.  I will not accept the insurance being dropped by Verizon when I have always paid for it and still do,  but somehow it takes major digging to find it. I will not accept that every person I spoke with said different days the phone stopped working and everyone said they would explain it to the next person and then never did,  or the follow up that no one made and left me fighting on my own. 

After the hours I have spent on the phone I would never recommend this company for anything.  I chose Verizon because it takes pride in itself.  I at least thought it did.  I will pay off my phones,  switch companies and try to find a company that does not encourage lying,  cheating and disrespect towards customers.  I hope you look into training for those who think this is an okay practice for any business.  I will be sharing my experience as no one needs this,  especially a family who deeply depends on phones.