Thinking about canceling VZW
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Hello, I'm seriously contemplating canceling my Verizon service.  I have havd been working with tier 2 support since 12/14 trying to get in issue resolved with a replacement device sent by vzw.  Multiple devices have been sent all with the same issue.  Every time I call they say they have to escalate thd issue and create a ticket with a 48 to 72 hour response time.  Its been well over that time frame without any resolution.  I have spent over 14 hours in total talking to tier 2 troubleshooting the issue and at this point I'm just ready to give up on Verizon especially since all the different steps they have taken to fix the issue has now messed up my account causing my bill to increase significantly.  This is my last ditch effort to give VZW a chance to resolve the issue.

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My experience with tier 2 hasn't been good either 

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Hello SLR82, we're concerned to learn about your recent experience, and we'd love to help. The last thing we want is to lose you as a customer. We know a month of troubleshooting is not fun for anybody. Please send us a private message to better assist.