Third Month of Bill Missing Loyalty Discount

I noticed in September that my loyalty discount for 2-3 phones was missing from my bill. I contacted Verizon via Chat and was advised that it had fallen off somehow. The rep advised that they submitted an escalation form to have the discount added back and advised that a double discount would occur the next month to correct for this month and apply moving forward. Well Octobers bill was issued and there was still no discount or correction. This time I actually called and spoke with a rep who advised they saw were I chatted and that the escalation to add back my discount wasn't processed. She submitted the request to add the discount back and to get me a credit for the two months I hadn't received the discount. I really thought that it would be resolved, especially since with in a week or so my account received the credit for the two months I hadn't received the discount.  A new bill came out today, and it still does not have the loyalty discount added back in. I really don't know what to do at this point, it's very bad business to continually have to have customers call to fix problems that should have been fixed two months ago.  Does anyone know of an escalation process I could complete? Apparently the reps on chat and when you call cannot assist.