Thought Verizon would be better…
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Switched to Verizon and purchased two iPhone 13 Pro’s on promotion and was promised via text message and on a recorded line that I would be receiving $1,000 for the trade in of my iPhone 12 Pro and an additional $800 for the trade in of my iPhone XR (separate phone number). We purchased these directly though Verizon’s sales team over the phone. I had been in touch with the same salesmen (Jim) for upwards of a week before finalizing the purchase. We are now being told that they can only offer us $450 for the iPhone 12 Pro ($550 under the promised amount), and $140 for the iPhone XR ($660 under the promised amount). Is anyone else having this issue? Feels like we are being bullied out of $1,210. We are not getting past our return period. I will not be handing over the phone’s until this is settled. Also still waiting on the “up to $800 phone payoff when you switch to be processed” that seems like it will not happen (which was also promised). Wonder if we will get the Google Neat Hub and $100 promo for switching from AT&T internet (also as promised)! #bullies