Tired of wait time and Verizon rudeness!
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When I request a callback from Verizon, every time they call back I answer to a dead line. After about 30 seconds of trying to connect it hangs up and says “sorry we missed your call”. Does anyone ever really connect to callbacks? I always end up chatting instead. Then I seem to get the rudest people possible every time! Last time there was an error in my bill. I was having trouble getting it worked out, so I turned off auto billing for 2 days until I could get the problem rectified. Once I finally got the problem fixed, I immediately turned auto pay back on. Just got my bill and I was charged $20 ($10 per line) for turning off autopay for those two brief days! I chatted (because I couldn’t get callback to work again) and explained that this $20 charge should be removed as I only had it off 2 days while fixing a billing problem.  I have been a perfect customer for over 20 years! Never a late payment! Also, have had auto pay for several years. I was shocked by the rudeness of the replies I received. He said there was no way the charge would be removed. I am shocked! This is not the first time I have been treated so poorly and am beyond fed up.  Last time I was trying to work out a problem with home phone connect not working and a billing problem. I explained that I have pancreatic cancer and how difficult it is for me to sit on hold trying to work these things out. I received no compassion or compensation.  Anxious to get my phones unlocked so I can switch to another company.