Total Mobile Protection Added without my Authorization

I was appalled by Verizon’s sales people behavior in the Bethesda MD store on Wisconsin Avenue when I realized after signing the contract and returning home that they have added 50 dollar to my monthly bill in return for device protection of three phones that I never requested or authorized. What is worse when I went back and complained to the manager who pretended to solve my problem and told me I would receive and email confirmation of the cancellation but when I got nothing half an hour later I tried to cancel on the App only to discover that Verizon has disabled the cancel button so I could not cancel the service. I had to call the customer service to get the service cancelled. What is this? This is really fraud. Taking 50 dollars a month by stealth is not OK!! It seems also not a new issue. So it is intentional by Verizon to do that not just a rogue sales person.  I am sorry I switched to Verizon. It is not a relationship that I will keep beyond my current contract.