Trade In Credit Issue

My sister in law got on our plan, and the estimate to trade in her old phone (IPhone XR) was $800.  I find out that Verizon is giving back $77 for it.  My wife just traded hers in a month or two before and got $400.  I've now been "chatting" with a support rep for over an hour... i say chatting in quotes... because this rep in particular is so NOT helpful i asked to speak with a manager.  I've been on chat "hold" for over an hour.  It took me 3 times asking for a manager to even get her to agree to get me one...  and i am still on hold.  I told her "Please dont make me ask again."

All i wanted to know is what was wrong with the phone that takes an $800 estimate, to an insulting $77.  I want to know specifics as when we sent the phone in, it was in exactly the condition we said it was, which should have at least gotten us a $400 credit like my wife.  But the rep kept telling me that they valued the condition of the device and the $800 credit was adjusted to $77.

My SIL got on our plan to pay less money with a better phone.  The trade in offset what she was expecting to pay for the phone.  She would have got a far less expensive phone if that was the case.

TLDR; I want to know what were the exact reasons the phone we sent in was devalued so much... aka... what was wrong with a perfectly working phone in good condition.  And assuming i get a satisfactory answer (finally) my SIL is probably going to exchange her current phone to a significantly cheaper one, because she cant afford $100 a month for her phone bill.  It's now 2:08 and i asked for a manager at 12:49 on the chat.  Very unhappy.


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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear that you're having problems with your trade-in. We want to make sure you get every single promotion you qualify for. We're going to send you a Private Note so we can gather more details.