Trade-In Error/Attempting to Upgrade Line
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am beyond frustrated.  I have spoken to at least 5 representatives for the last 3+ hours and nobody can assist me.  I keep getting the run around and transferred to different people then made to wait and get disconnected.

I have been trying to upgrade one of my existing lines for two days to an iPad Air 5th Generation 256gb.  I was attempting to trade-in an old inactive device IPaid Mini 2 to get the $180 credit.  All of this was first attempted online and when I get to the final steps to process the trade-in and put in the IMEI number, I keep getting an error that this device is associated to a pending trade-in.  There is no pending trade-in for my account, this device definitely has not been traded-in as I have it right in front of me.  

I would really like to purchase a new device with the current promotion, but getting the run around and having a process that is this glitchy is really deterring me from getting another device, frankly I am even considering moving my services because it's so ridiculous.  It shouldn't be this difficult to process an order and secondly, this problem should have been addressed by the first representative I spoke to.  Don't pass the buck.  Handle the issue.  Based on the posts I have seen on this board, it seems like SO MANY PEOPLE have had the EXACT SAME ISSUES.  Why it hasn't been addressed or fixed or why nobody seems to know how to fix it is insane, especially when you have loyal customers leaving your company due to how frustrated they've become due to no fault of their own but an error that Verizon can't seem to fix.  It doesn't seem like rocket science.  This is my last resort at this time and if it cannot be resolved I give up because I refuse to waste more time than I already have to give you business.  I am also strongly going to consider moving my 5 lines to a different provider because I do not wish to deal with these types of issues ever again.