Trade-In FINE print lesson

If you are planning to use the Verizon Trade-In program be sure you read the fine print and follow the rules or you may wind up giving away your phones like we did.  After completing all the trade-in steps and getting email confirmations, we decided to pay off the payment plan on our new phones so our monthly bill would be lower going forward.

Well, somehow I missed the part that said if we paid off our phones then we would not get any further credit from our old phones.  To this day, I still can imagine why that would be a rule other than to catch people and get Verizon out of paying for phones they get through the trade-in program.  There is no interest being charged on the payment plan, we still have active service - in fact, we have added another line since then.  What difference should it make whether we pay off our phones early???  At the end of the day Verizon gets paid for the new phones, in fact getting paid sooner should be better for them.  

Now, instead of getting over $1,200 in credits over two years, we get nothing (we never even got one month's credit) for our old phones - except a good lesson about reading all the fine print.


Re: Trade-In FINE print lesson
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Have to read the fine print on any contract not just verizon.