Trade-In Issue 7 Months OLD Not Resolved
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Verizon, this is one of multiple messages I have sent (any topic I can find) to find some resolution to my NOT paid credit submitted in Feb 2021 to the trade in center (confirmed receipt in my account document notes).  I would like to speak or have a dialogue with a manager who must somehow be accountable for something like this.  I purchased my new phine thinking I would get a credit for the old but great phone I turned in for credit in Feb 2021.  I am fully exhausted with the time and energy one must employ to get a resolution.  Has Verizon not paid its bills and therefore delaying (extensively) the pay outs for credits owed to its customers?  Mine isnt much but the credit could make my family plan at least affordable in these times.  The prolonging inexcusable delays with no resolution should be compensated better than the broken promises already deems acceptable (my deduction based on the continued lack of movement by Verizon).  I know this post carries no weight but I did have a moment in my day to reach to someone in support that just might give a hoot.  Ive received multiple messages to private message, give access and verify submission id’s (you have this in my account information).  Who can I talk to that actually has the bandwidth to resolve the matter.  A manager, executive that cares or someone who can make the credit appear in my account.  Simple ask…