Trade-In Issue

I sent in two phones for a trade-in and they were both received on 9/16.  I received a promo for one of the phones almost immediately, although it was credited to the wrong line but it's all on the same bill.  The other phone says that it is still being evaluated.  I spoke to customer service for over an hour about this issue.  They said that it's because there was damage on the phone, however, they can not tell me what the damage was and the phone was sent in great condition.  I have had numerous issues this last month and it is really hard to get any answers or get anything resolved.  It would be nice to be able to get all of these issues resolved at once. 

Re: Trade-In Issue
Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure that you are provided with your promotional offer. In order to review this more we will need to review your account to see what has been done so far. In order to do so please meet us in a private message for review. -Jasper