Trade In Issue

I recently came to Verizon after moving to the US to start a plan. I was told I could trade in my iPhone 11 and would be getting 800$ for the trade-in. My bill per month was supposed to be 90$ but I'm currently paying over 140$ a month. I never got a trade-in email or confirmation. This was on January 6th, 2022 when I came in to get my new phone and activate my Verizon account. I'm extremely upset because my husband and I currently just moved back from being in the Military and feel like I've been misled and Sc*mmed by Verizon. Now I called multiple times and they said the credit would be put onto my account within 1-3 months or billing cycles BUT I did not get any confirmation about my device trade-in. Did Verizon steal my old phone and is making me pay 150$ a month for a new phone that I was told was going to be given an 800$ credit? What do I do because I'm completely frustrated and was told lies pretty much? If the issue isn't resolved and I have to continue to pay 150$ every month for one phone I'm going to be leaving Verizon permanently after it is paid off.

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Re: Trade In Issue
Customer Service Rep

kml20, allow me to be one of the first to welcome you back to the states. Military life is not an easy one and I hope that you are remaining safe. Trade-In promotions may indeed take up to 3 bill cycles to apply to an account however, I would have expected you to receive the trade-in Submission ID via email. Did you visit the Trade-In website to submit the trade? If not, this would be completed at This would trigger the return shipping envelopes so you may return those phones to us. 

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