Trade-In Issue

I want thank Jazzmyne (Trade-In team) for resolving an issue I had with VZ that has been going on for over 7 months.  She did an outstanding job fixing the many issues I was having with my VZ account.  Furthermore, she helped me with another issue, not trade-in related, that involved a credit I was not receiving for a watch.  I assume this issue is outside of her scope.

Since transferring over VZ from another carrier, there have been multiple issues: new phones late arriving, lost trade-in phone, credits not applied, etc.  Before transferring to VZ, I regarded VZ as the best of the cell phone industry (just expensive).  Many years ago we transferred from VZ to another cell phone supplier b/c of financial reasons, but now we can afford VZ and we transferred back, but it has been a subpar experience to say the least. 

After many support requests, phone calls, and chats my journey led me to Jazzmyne and she fixed all my issues.  She single handily restore my positive opinion of VZ.   Thanks Jazzmyne!

Re: Trade-In Issue
Customer Service Rep

That is good news, VZuser69. Glad to hear the rep was able to help you with getting this resolved. Your feedback is critical to us and we will address this internally. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or visit our support page.