Trade In Issue

I’m beyond upset with how Verizon advertises and lies to you with promotion credits. I traded in my phone in store in September when the new iPhone came out. I was told I didn’t get the $800 credit because I was grandfathered into an old plan, but they’d give me $400 for my phone. I agreed, not wanting to update to a new plan. I was told this would reflect as a ONE time credit on the next bill, which it did. However, the bill after that, Verizon charged back the full amount of the credit. Their excuse is that they could actually give me the $800 but it has to be spread out over 36 months. So I get a little credit toward my bill each month for the next 3 years. This was NOT what I agreed to in store and not what I was told. I cannot pay an extra $400 on my bill because Verizon decided they wanted the credit spread out and messed up by giving it to me all at once. I was never notified, I have called several times. I was on chat this evening for 4 hours trying to get help. This is the worse service I’ve ever seen. Right before Christmas, surprise we’re sticking you with a $400 charge cuz we messed up. I certainly don’t want the 36 month credit considering I will likely be leaving Verizon after I seek legal advice over this.

Re: Trade In Issue
Customer Service Rep

Goodness! We never want anyone to go through an experience like this! We're here for you, and we want to help get your promtion squared away! Please, send us a Private Note, so we can get you taken care of right away!