Trade In Issue

We are five (5) people on a family plan that signed up for Verizon which had a promotion of $1,000 trade in for each phone. We sent our trade in phones immediately within 30 days using the UPS return label that was sent by Verizon.  We have confirmation and proof from UPS that all five phones were delivered to Verizon return center. We never received any confirmation that they were received or a Submission ID from Verizon. When I go to check the trade in status it says my email can't be found and I today the customer service could not even verify the receipt of the phones and started asking what was the deal that we signed up. Verizon customer service is basically asking us to go to the kiosk at Costco where we signed up and deal with the issue.  

We have proof that the trade in phones were delivered to Verizon return center. Each phone each was in its own package and sent from different places so there cannot be any misplacing by UPS on all five phones. Please help us in resolving this issue. Thanks.

Re: Trade In Issue
Customer Service Rep

We definitely want to make sure that your trade-in devices are accounted for, sonsofgandhi. We'd be happy to take a closer look at your account right away, and help find out what's going on. To better assist, we'll be sending a Private Note.