Trade In Issues

New customer since June 2022. Problems galore with credits and billing! every week has been a phone or chat message to get things resolved. All errors  have been on the part of verizon. The only upside is the customer service reps have all been polite and professional. 

Just weehn i thought all had been reolved, now i have another issue  since 8/3/2022....

I am having a terrible time getting credits for new phones that should have been given to me through the trade up program. I traded in two Xs and was told I could get $800 for each of the Xs.

I shipped all three phones and tracking shows they arrived. I have received the credit for one phone. The other says Find my iphone has not been disabled, but it has been and the phone removed from my icloud additionally.

I have spent over 3 days via chat and the phone with customer service. They write up and submit things, but still can’t get the credits or a straight answer. I’ve been trying to talk to a supervisor but they won’t let me. VERIZON, can anybody there help me? PLEASE CALL ME PLEASE.

This seems like an issue multiple new customers are encountering. I am on the verge of contacting a news organization to investigate.

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