Trade-In SCAM! From $400 to $40?!?!
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I just switched to Verizon from T-Mobile and BOY DO I REGRET IT! I sent in my rose gold iPhone 7+ that they had appraised at $400 trade-in, and received an email offering $41.50 instead because they "received a different device than expected, better qualifying promotion found." WHAT THE HECK? I sent in the exact device with the exact device ID. How can they just make up false excuses to prevent you from getting the full appraisal amount? I see this is a CONSTANT ISSUE with them on here, but unfortunately I did not know about this issue before I decided to switch carriers. What is my best course of action? They don't offer you the option to even reply to their appraisal email.

Re: Trade-In SCAM! From $400 to $40?!?!
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We want to make sure that we're assisting you effectively, please send us a Private Note and we'll take a closer look. CecileC_VZW