Trade In credit issue
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After being promised $800 trade in credit on each of my family's 3 iPhones (2X iPhone 11's and an iPhone XR) and a $200 gift card for porting over from previous carrier, (by 4 different people, a Verizon rep in Best Buy, the mobile rep at Best Buy who did the port over and activated our account, and 2 additional Verizon reps over the phone and in the Victoria, Texas location) my husband and I decided to make the switch from T-mobile and Sprint. This was the ONLY reason we decided to port over. I also confirmed these promos with screen shots of the terms/conditions and criteria of the Best Buy website and the Verizon website.  We opened the account in a Rochester, NY Best Buy on 7/1/22.  We've already sent our iPhones in, only to discover that our account is now reflecting much lower trade in credits and I am still waiting on the $200 gift card with no update on that either. I've spent a total of 7.5 hours and many phone calls and chats to their customer care department and managers/supervisors, and trade in reps who have all guaranteed me this would be applied and corrected 8/14 and that I would receive a call confirming these corrections. None of this has happened yet, and it is now 8/17. This feels like a bait & switch, which is illegal in Texas. The last time I reached out to Verizon's trade in department, I was on the phone that time for almost 2 hours. It's terrible I have to waste such huge chunks of my very valuable time, correcting mistakes that were not mine. Why can't Verizon just give me what they promised me when they wanted my business? It's not as if I can't take my business elsewhere. I regret ever moving my cell service to Verizon, this has been a horrible experience and the first chance I get, my family and I are going back to T-mobile if this is not resolved.
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@JennInTheHall , Welcome to the Verizon, family! The last thing we want is for you to have this type of experience. Your time is valuable to us, and we want to help in any way we can. We have sent a Private Note. Please meet us there to better assist you.