Trade In device credit issue with new customer

I'm one of the frustrated customers who is going through the Trade-in issue by verizon. I'm a new customer to Verizon and switched 3 lines from another carrier in November.
The below issue is related to 1 number within my account.

It was an order that was placed through the Distributor store. At the time of signing up for Verizon, I was told I can trade-in my Iphone XR with iphone 13 Mini for a trade-in value
of $800.00. My phone was in perfectly good condition. Verizon had a $800 value promotion at that time for trade-ins and my old devices were in a perfect working condition and no damages.

I surrendered my iPhone XR to the Verizon store that processed my new order. Sales Rep at the Store did not provide any tracking number for the old devices even after asking
multiple times for the tracking number. I was being told that it will be taken care without any issues. I could able see the credit for $709 in my sales order however my monthly bill
does not reflect that. I don't see monthly credit for the old device that i surrendered to Verizon. I was being told that the actual trade in will be $800 that was mentioned in the promotion.

While I was on the phone still after 25+ attempts, everytime i received different response my question related to Device Credit. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

I am not sure why as a customer I need to navigate thru this difficult and confusing process.. It should be a simple process.

Why Verion do not have any escalation process to handle these kind of issues? I am not sure how you can call this as a CUSTOMER SERVICE?

At last, i spoke to 1 customer representative so far who said it was a mistake that
they didn't apply the correct trade in value and said this is beyond my capacity so he submitted a ticket 7688378. I'm still waiting for a response from Verizon on this. It's already
3 months now, my next bill has been created without any device credit for the device that i returned to Verizon.Several hours spent on the call so far and the issue wasn't resolved yet.

Your systems are broken and once it's past 30 days we are locked for the contract period and you get mint money with your fake promotions.

Please improve your CUSTOMER SERVICE or stop calling it CUSTOMER SERVICE because clearly its not.‌

Re: Trade In device credit issue with new customer
Customer Service Rep

I am shocked to hear about the experience you had. This does not sound right at all. I know you have spoken to us before. I would like to take a second peek. Please meet me in a private chat.  -Amber