Trade in 800 dollar promotion. They stole my phone gave me nothing

I started my account online bought galaxy s23 ultra and they said send in my oneplus pro 7 and  800 would come off my bill.  I sent them my phone through ups using their envelope. Well now it's two months later and I see they said my 800 had been reduced to 0 because they didn't get a oneplus pro 7 they got a Samsung something mini which I never even heard off before one plus pro. All I had was windows phones. I knew I should have took it to the Verizon store to do it. I actually should have went with different company. Besides stealing my oneplus pro 7 and giving me nothing but lies I just want to be done. All they have done is keep my bill between 220 and 350 a month for 2 lines 55 dollar plans. I am home so use wifi don't use data. All the add ones I didn't want they,made so,hard cancel but this is the last straw stealing my phone lying about it being some phone I never heard of. J will stop paying for both the s23 ultras and the monthly plan i don't care if my credit goes from over 700 to 0. I am sick of this company and it's get as much money any way possible ways. We probably have 109 calls a month he uses 10gb data I use none why bill 200 dollars? And where is my oneplus pro 7 which was in perfect shape? I want my phone back and away from this h e l l  they say is a service 

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