Trade in Credit Not Applied
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I received a promotional offer in December 2020 to trade in any iPhone 4 or newer for a credit of $579.99 when upgrading to iPhone 12.  I initiated a trade in for an iPhone 5, shipped it to Verizon using the provided materials, and it was delivered to Verizon on December 30th.  The Trade in Status page says that as of January 3, 2021, the shipment has arrived and the expected device matches the received device.  There have been no further updates or action since January 3rd and the credit has not been issued.  I have reached out to Verizon four times, spoken to three different people, and live chatted with one other person.  I have been given a different answer/explanation each time.  One representative opened a ticket and stated that it should be resolved within 10 days (did not happen).  Another representative stated that he would apply the credit himself and it would be reflected on the next bill (did not happen).  And the most recent representative said that she checked with the device warehouse to ensure the device could be located.  After confirming that the device was there, she would resubmit the trade in request and would follow up with me by April 30th (did not happen).  Four months have passed with no resolution, so I am trying all avenues to get this resolved. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to help get this resolved?  Obviously continuing to call and speak to different representatives has not worked.  

Re: Trade in Credit Not Applied
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am2021, I'm terribly sorry to hear you've been having all this trouble with the promotion. I've sent you a Private Note, so we can take a look at this in greater detail. 



Re: Trade in Credit Not Applied

i was offered 800 trade in in store in april 21 and still no credit applied i am 300/1200 and ive paid 200 a month for 1 line with subpar service phone was handed to verizon employee at time of sale


Re: Trade in Credit Not Applied
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I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve probably spent 10 collective hours on phone calls and chats with Verizon and no one is able to get my $33/month trade in credit applied.  I traded my phone in September and I’m now in February and haven’t received a single bill credit.  

Can someone with more authority in Verizon contact me directly to get this resolved.  I am going to consider cancelling service if this is not fixed soon.