Trade-in Issue - No credit received - Disconnect b/n store and customer support

I have moved to Verizon from ATT on 24-Nov-2021. I went to the Verizon store in Prosper, TX and they submitted the request for 4 line transfers to Verizon from ATT + 1 new line. Store Manager told me that they are not able to apply the Trade-in promotional credit of 800$ for each device and asked us to come back for trade-in's after new devices were received through mail. 


We went back to store on 14-Dec-2021 and they took 3 trade-in devices and gave the receipts that they took the trade-in devices and told that these trade-in promotional credits will be applied after 1st bill statement. We tried multiple times going to store but no luck.


When we reach out to Customer support center, they are saying that devices were received but there is no submission id linked and they are helpless. We asked them to return the trade-in devices and they can't do that once they get the devices. When we went to store they are saying they are also helpless.


Complete mess and I didn't expect this from Verizon. Looking for options and if no other alternative is available then we are planning to log complaint in court as we have all evidences on trade-in's and receipts.

Re: Trade-in Issue - No credit received - Disconnect b/n store and customer support
Customer Service Rep

gana4868, we definitely want you to receive the promotional credits that you're eligible for. I'm sorry for all the trouble you've gone through. It can take 1-3 bill cycles for the credits to show up on your bill once we receive the phones in our warehouse. That is why you have not seen the credits applied. We please ask you to wait another month or two to see the credits apply. Thank you! -Alicia