Trade-in Issue

I was drawn in by the change over to Verizon deals going on in December and made the change from T-mobile to Verizon via an online rep. I wanted 2 Samsung Galaxy S21s and 2 IPhone 13s. I was told my Galaxy S21+ (T-mobile), S10+ (fully unlocked), IPhone 11 (t-mobile), and iPhone 11 (Verizon, unlocked) would be worth complete trade values for the phones I was requesting. Received the Galaxy phones first as the iphones were on back order. Activated the Galaxys and received two trade in boxes that I packed up and sent out by ups. I kept the tracking slips. The iphones came about a week later, with the trade boxes a couple days later that I packed the iphones into and sent off, I kept the tracking slips. All the phones were received by the end of December and I was told 1-2 billing cycles. No credit by February, so I contacted Verizon as by this point I had spent $1000 with start up costs and their apparent bill ahead strategies that I wasn't informed of. I managed to get one phone pushed through on credit (Galaxy S10+). It's now April and no other phone has been credited. I called in March and was told the April bill would reflect the credit. No further credits on the April bill. I chatted yesterday with a rep over 2 hours and she told me she "took care of it" and the credit would be applied within 1-2 billing cycles. This is professionally inappropriate. I am being led along with bread crumbs and paying $80-$100 extra each month because Verizon apparently has too many heads that can't communicate with each other. I have never had this issue with any other cellular company I have had in my whole life. It isn't fair that I have to shoulder a financial issue that a huge corporation can't seem to get straight when it is literally their job. I switched to Verizon based on a family member suggestion and I'm beyond upset with this entire situation. I'm a nurse, and if I handled a patient as poorly as Verizon is handling me as a customer, there would be far less than ideal results. 

Re: Trade-in Issue
Customer Service Rep

tluciano, this is never the experience we want you to have. Making sure you are receiving the promotional trade-in values that you qualify for is important. Allow us the opportunity to review the details. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.