Trade-in and Mobile+Home promo issues

I want to start off by saying I have only been a customer for about 3 months and so far have had 3 major issues and only one has been resolved. The 2 remaining issues that I am currently battling are with my trade-in and with the Mobile+Home discount. 

Regarding My Trade-in:

When initially signing up for my new Verizon account over the phone I told the agent I would be sending 2 phones,  a Pixel 5 and a Pixel  4 XL. I sent both phones in the included envelope that was sent with my 2 new phones. About a week ago I get an email saying they did not receive the Pixel 4 phone. When I call in I'm told that my phone was received, however, in the Verizon system, they are expecting a Pixel 4 and I sent a Pixel 4XL. So you acknowledge that you got the phone but are unable to process it bc the agent I initially spoke with made a mistake? Furthermore, the agent that received the phone was unable to determine that a mistake was made and update the system? Not to mention the Pixel 4 XL is a better and more expensive phone than the Pixel 4. This needs to be corrected NOW.


I was told that If I bundle the unlimited cell plan with Verizon Gigabit internet I would receive $10 off each Unlimited line that I own. I have not received any discount on any line and when I attempt to sign up for it I get an error saying that I'm already enrolled. I made numerous call's regarding this issue and was told NUMEROUS times the issue would get fixed. I even spoke with a "Manager" who goes by the name of "Max" who assured me that she would personally handle this issue. That was a month ago and nothing has been done... 

 Again I have only been a customer for about 3 months. Needless to say, this has not been a great introduction to your service.  I have wasted an absorbent amount of time on the phone, in chats, and now in this forum, in an attempt to resolve these issues. I would like them resolved now or I will be forced to go somewhere else. 

Please put me in contact with someone that has the ability to fix these issues and not a level 1 agent who can only make a ticket or send me links. 

Re: Trade-in and Mobile+Home promo issues
Customer Service Rep

Good morning, JrFrazier. Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to learn about the experience that you have had so far since starting service with Verizon Wireless. We do want to have the chance to put another pair of eyes on the account to find out what is going on with the trade-in and the Mobile + Home Discount. I will be sending you a Private Note. Please respond to that message, so we can look further into these issues. Thank you.