Trade in credit- too good to be true?
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I decided to switch to Verizon as I could get a free phone. The phone I wanted wasn't in stock at the store so they took my current phone info, assessed the condition and took the serial number, informed me I would get $800 for the trade in, being the same price as the phone I ordered, free phone.

I received the new phone, but not the box to ship the old one back. A month or so passed by with no box, and I kept getting emails stating that time was running out to return it. I took the old phone into the store; they gave me a box to ship it back, which I did on 8/20/21. I waited another month or so then started calling to find out the status of the trade in.

I was given an 800 number to call specifically for trade ins. No one ever answered, ever. I kept calling customer service back, next couple of people referred me back to the trade in number, the next guy said he was sure it would happen by my December bill and that he would keep an eye on it. Nothing ever happened. I called again in December after my bill with the phone payment came; this time I was told that the $800 would be credited to my account and I would see in within 7-10 business days if I logged in. We're in January, nothing on my account, no hope of getting this credit, wondering if I can cancel this new account and keep the phone. Definitely can't get my old one back. Hmmmm

Re: Trade in credit- too good to be true?
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Getting everything you are supposed to for your trade is essential. You've been very patient and I want to make sure that is solved for good.


I've sent you a PM. Please reply when you can so we can get more details and fully assist you.