Trade-in issue

I have not received the materials to trade-in my device.   I have contacted Verizon 3 times now about this issue.  When I received my new phone there was a padded envelope for the trade-in, but no label or box.   I contacted Verizon and they said they would ship a new one, waited a week and called again and was told they would ship it again.  Today I received an envelope from Verizon, that included another padded envelope and a letter thanking me for my interest in Verizon services.  I then tried the Verizon chat and got an agent that did absolutely nothing.  I was on Chat for an hour and he never gave me information.  I asked for an address to send my trade-in and that I would ship it at my expense.   In one hour the agent got as far as asking for my submission ID, then did nothing.  Everytime I said hello to make sure they were still there, they replied they were there, but did nothing else.  I took screenshots of the entire 1 hour conversation where the Verizon Agent completely ignored me.

Re: Trade-in issue

You can’t ship it with your own label at your own expense because the label contains information to connect your phone back to your account and your credits.

if calling support is not getting the response you need try going to a corporate store. I don’t know about Verizon stores but a lot of AT&T stores will do a trade-in at a physical store.   If that’s not possible ask the person who you speak to when you call to please email you a smart label