Trade in kit

I was on the phone with two different Verizon agents for one and half hours each. Each one tells me different things. They can’t figure out how to correct it. One of my lines is showing $460 credit for the iPhone 11 when it should be $800 per the special going on at the time .  I finally received a kit for it but it shows $460 credit.  One agent said the wrong promo code was used.

Second  line  I have no ID submission or paper work on for trade in. I received two trade in kits in the mail,    I don’t know if they are for my S8  or not because I have no paper work to compare them to. I cannot order a kit for the S8 online because it says it was submitted already when I try tried to do it. This was a Samsung Galaxy S8. This is to be for $400 rebate .

Last line was for another iPhone 11 for a $800 rebate. Everything is correct wit this one.