Trade in problem for 4 new lines

I ported in 4 new lines and trade in 4 old phones before Thanksgiving.  I got my confirmation and it looked fine.  However, I only got 2 trade in kits so I called and waited for almost 2 hours online and found out that for some reasons, they system only shows 2 trade in!! Then the customer care rep walked me through to enter other 2 trade in and I got 2 emails for submission IDs.  Next day, I tried to track my trade in status but the system couldn't find my submission IDs.

Does anyone having the same online order problem?  Please share how to fix it.  Thank you so much.

Re: Trade in problem for 4 new lines
Customer Service Rep

We understand your concern regarding the status for the recent trade ins, aggiehelen. Allow us to gather more information to be on the same page. Are you still able to track the first 2 trade ins you submitted or are you having difficulties tracking any of the 4 submissions?