Trade-in problem not resolved

On August 17, 2022 I logged into my Verizon account. I linked in on the chat to see about purchasing a new phone because, it seemed, I could take advantage of the $800 trade-in discount of my old Note 5 phone. 

The agent told me I did qualify and the price of my new Samsung S22+ would be $199 . About $6.00 a month.

I received the nee S22+ two days later along with all the accessories I also purchased through this conversation with the Verizon agent.

However there was no information, no return kit, nothing as to where to send my old phone for the trade-in. I would not receive the discount price until Verizon received my trade-in.

I logged into the Verizon chat and tried to resolve this issue, three different times.

Twice I was told my phone did not qualify for the trade in $800 discount and one agent offered to fill out a trade-in at his end after saying he actually did see I qualified for the $800 discount. Unfortunately the chat was interrupted and lost. 

I went back to the chat and of course was connected to a different agent who, then, after going through the whole tedious story again told me he apologized but I did not qualify for the $ 800 discount and to go to a Verizon store location to return the phone for a refund. I'm afraid to do this because it seems like nobody knows about anything and no call logs are kept about previous communication.

How do I get the discount that I was promised by yhe first Verizon agent.


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Customer Service Rep

I don't blame you for feeling frustrated by mixed messages . 2015's Samsung Galaxy Note 5 does not qualify for the $800 trade in promotion. Here is more about our return options.