Trade-in promotion never received
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We traded in 5 devices for trade-in but have only received billing credit for one. The customer service representative couldn’t even find the other trade-ins but when i assured her that i tracked them all via UPS and they were received she said we received gift cards for a nominal value. I NEVER received a gift card and my Verizon order lists the billing credits we were hoping to receive. This feels like a huge scam and our devices and alleged gift cards were stolen from us. Customer service has been useless. Has anyone else gone through arbitration? I am beginning the process so that I can bring the claim to small claims court if needed. 

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salemandwillow I'm sad to learn you feel this way. We are here to help make sure you receive all credits/gift cards you have coming. We have sent you a Private Message here on this platform.-Dolores

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I am having similar issue.