Trade in promotion scammed me and stole 2 phones and fudgeed me!!!!!

I added my girlfriend to my line in July. She had an IPhone XR and I had an iPhone 11 max pro at the time. 
We were told at the store there was a buy one get one free promotion. But they also had a trade in promotion which we decided to take. we traded in both phones. 
We were told we would receive a credit on the monthly bill for EACH device traded in which came to 2 credits of $34 each. The first 2 months of my new plan had both credits and everything seemed to be okay. 
Until I got my bill for this month, and realized my bill was now $34 more. I had lost a credit from trading in my device. 
I contacted customer support, who came to the conclusion that I was on the buy one get one promotion, and it wasn’t stackable with the device trade in promotion. She offered to credit me $132.13 for the trade in DEVICES. 
$132.13 for an iPhone 11 max pro and iPhone XR. 
Now the buy one get one promotion I would’ve gotten without trading in my phones, but I did because I was offered $34 a month for 24 months for each trade in. I never would’ve traded both these phones for a mere $132.13. Verizon stole those phones, promised me credits every month and instead could only credit my account. I could’ve sold those phones myself for more and still gotten the buy one get one they said I have now. 
Ive had Verizon for over 10 years but I’ll be leaving this service behind me once I buy out the phones me and my girlfriend bought. Verizon is a disgrace and the customer service is horrendous to say the least. They stole 2 very well kept phones from me. Lied about what I would get for them. And probably turned around and sold them, and turned me around and fudgeed me. What a disgrace. 

Re: Trade in promotion scammed me and stole 2 phones and fudgeed me!!!!!
Customer Service Rep

Oh, no, we never want something like this to happen. We'd like to see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of it. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.*Melissa