Trade in question re timing

How long should it take from the time a trade-in is delivered to the warehouse until the credit is actually confirmed? It has been longer than a week and the VZW web page still showing the trade-in as Initiated, not even shipped.

I see a lot of people having problems with the trade-in being lost, credit not applied, etc. so I am trying to be pro-active.

I contacted support once already and they didn't have any info. Promised to do some research and call me back at a specific time. Never happened.

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Customer Service Rep


We certainly want to make sure that your trade in gets processed without any issues. After you initiate a trade in, it takes 3-5 business days for the kit to arrive. Once it is shipped by you and delivered to our warehouse, It takes 7-10 business days for the phone to be inspected and marked as received in the account. You will receive a text message confirming we have received your phone. From there, your trade in credit will be applied on your bill within 1-2 billing cycles. Let me know if this information helps.