Trade in shipped but lost before transit



I have been digging around the house, turning everything upside down looking to make sure I didn't forget to ship my trade in phone, but no it seems like many others in the forum it was lost or should I say a target for a crime of opportunity. I turned in my phone like I was asked, I gave UPS the benefit of a doubt that it was lost and today I get a notice that the phone never arrived. So now I'm sitting here a long time customer and like many others, upset that we try and do a trade in, just to get notices that we didn't do our part and that there really is no recourse except maybe wait for someone to find our thread and try to make things right, when really we should be looking at who is doing our shipping and making sure things are properly handled. I wish I could say I have the tracking ID but that was lost and there is nothing in the documentation that would provide that data.

So now I'm here, not sure what I can do except eat the charges, and lose out on a program that lets me upgrade my phone all because someone has the moral values of a slug and preys on innocent people trying to turn in their phones because we cannot drop it off at a verizon store.

Your turn Verizon.

Re: Trade in shipped but lost before transit
Customer Service Rep

We always want you to get every trade-in promotion you qualify for. We do have ways to handle trade-ins that get lost in-route. Let's get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.*Melissa