Traded in 2 phones but only got credit for 1
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I traded in 2 phones and received trade in credit for one of them despite receiving an email from Verizon for both phones showing that they received them and to expect a credit for both on the next billing cycle. I received the credit for the one phone and called and spoke with customer service and explained the situation and so they reviewed the account and resubmitted the trade in for credit and said to expect it to show up on my next billing cycle... Fast forward to now (7 months later) and hours and hours of time on hold and speaking to customer service reps over the phone and through the chat and still the situation has not been resolved. Every time I spoke with someone they said they fixed it and that it should show up on my next bill, then I spoke with someone last month and they said they escalated the situation because 6 months had passed and that he was not only going to make sure the trade in credit was taken care of but an additional $100 credit because so much time had gone by without a solution but of course that never showed up either. Then today after 7 months I was chatting with a rep and he said that I no longer qualify for the trade in credit because to much time had passed. I've never had any issues with Verizon and I usually don't complain because I've worked in customer service before but I need someone to resolve this issue. 

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