Transfer New phone to another line BEFORE activation

I have 4 lines on my account, me, husband, son and his girlfriend.  We all have Samsung phones.  I decided to upgrade my husband to the iPhone 11.  Not two seconds out of the box, and not even activated, he does not like it.   

Can I switch it to my son's line?  If so, do I need to get another Sim card for the iPhone to be used on my son's line? 

I ask as the information given on the Order Summary email lists my husband's phone number, his Samsung Device/SIM, tracking number, phone ordered listing husband's number again, then Device/Sim ID ( I assume for the iPhone). 





Re: Transfer New phone to another line BEFORE activation
Customer Service Rep

Hello, TeeEmmBee. We each have our own preferences, and we can definitely understand if the phone is not to your husband's preference. We're here to help, and we'll gladly assist with activating the phone on the line that best works for you. We've sent you a private note to better assist. DavidR_VZW