Transfer line request for a suspended line
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I am the account holder, my ex was on my account when we were together. They were a manager on the account, but after some time I noticed they had obtained the account holder information changed my password and upgraded to a brand new $1000 phone I never approved of. They will not respond to a single text from me. So I’ve spent 6+ hours trying to get my account back, I finally have it and they’re removed. But now I want to just transfer their line to them. Part of that 6hours was spent explaining to multiple techs my situation, and due to the domestic abuse that happened I was able to transfer their line. I was told by one tech that the line transfer can happen, then they’ll suspend the line so that my ex isn’t able to use their phone until after the transfer. I was also told notes would be added to my account so I don’t have to repeatedly explain the abusive situation.

Later that night I noticed the wrong email address was input, I had to call back the next day. This tech told me that we couldn’t keep the line suspended to transfer it, and started to suggest I just put insurance on the phone (ex never did) and call it as fraud. I feel like no notes were made to my account as I was told they would be due to the domestic abuse. And I’m left at this point once again crying after what should be a simple phone call. We have the line transfer fixed (supposedly, I’m waiting on the verification email) but from what I now understand I can’t actually suspend the number either. Is this correct?

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Re: Transfer line request for a suspended line
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kcbarna, allow me to start by apologizing that you have had to go through all of this. Your safety and account security is always a priority. I have gone ahead and sent you a Private Note to discuss this further.